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Thank you for choosing to register your CPR Authorized Puppy with Certified Pet Registration. Your CPR Authorized Breeder should have provided you with a Registration Application with the CPR Logo for use with registering your puppy online. You will need to create an account to continue, or if you are an existing customer, simply click here to continue.

There is a $20.00 dollar fee to register a dog with Certified Pet Registration if the registration is completed within 90 of transfer. After 90 days the fee increases to $30.00 dollars. There are no additional charges to use our system where you will have 24 hour access to print and view your dogs certificate, as well as pedigree information.

Attention Breeders: If you are a breeder wishing to become an Authorized CPR Breeder, please click here.

Note: We do not mail certificates for dogs registered online. You will be able to print your own certificate once the registration is complete.

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