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COCKAPOOPOO Breed Standards


The Cockapoopoo like the Cockapoo has been in the United States 
since the mid 20th century. A Cockapoopoo comes from the mating 
of one Cockapoo parent, (that has both pure bred Cocker X Poodle 
parents, or Cockapoo X Cockapoo parents), with a pure bred
Breeders have bred Cockapoos to Poodles to try and get a curlier
coat, and smaller sized Cockapoo look in a more square petite body
frame. Many people also just call these Cockapoos but in reality 
they are 1/4 Cocker and 3/4 Poodle so are not true Cockapoos and 
so should be called Cockapoopoos. 
The Cockapoopoo is still under development. So the Cockapoopoo cannot yet be described as a dog breed because it does not 'breed true'. In breeders' terms,'breeding true' means that, when two specimens of the same breed are mated, the puppies have consistently predictable characteristics and will resemble their parents, rather than exhibiting random characteristics of the dog breeds in their parents' ancestries. Further, the breed standards of breeds-under-development are invariably freer, more open to interpretation and cover more observable types than those of established or kennel club recognized breeds. Make sure you ask the breeder what past litters looked like to get an idea of what your puppy might look like as an adult. This is a low to non shedding breed and is hypoallergenic since it does not have an undercoat or dander like many other breeds. Cockapoopoo Appearance General Appearance The cockapoopoo has a squarely built appearance. The length from the body measured from the breastbone to the rump is approximately the same to slightly longer than the height from the highest point of the shoulder to the ground. The cockapoopoo has a long coat and is fairly curly. Somewhere between a Cockapoo and Poodle. Their coat requires a lot of grooming and must be brushed often. If you keep your Cockapoopoo in a puppy cut you can get it cut every 2 or 3 months but coat must be brush at least twice a week to keep it looking it's best. This is a low to non shedding breed so a good brushing twice a week to get any dirt or debris out is a must. Tail: Again there is no standard set yet and many breeders leave the tail long while others tend to cut it short like a Cocker's tail. For smaller toy sized Cockapoopoos most breeders will dock the tail, while most larger pups get to keep their long tail. Most breeders will leave the tail long if you ask them to if that is your preference.   Cockapoopoo Size Size can be influenced by either parent's recent background. Adult individuals under 9" are considered Teacup size, 9"-10" at the shoulder are toy size. Dogs 11"-14" at the shoulder are considered mini size, and those 15" at the shoulder and over are standard size. Cockapoopoo size is judged by their height, not their weight. Two dogs who are the same size can vary considerably in weight depending both on their overall build and whether one is fat or thin. Weights of individuals will depend on the factors explained above. To give a general idea of weight, a teacup would ideally weigh under 8 pounds, toy 8-12 pounds, a Mini 13-20 pounds and a Standard 21 pounds and up. A Cockapoopoo can also be more petite in build, more like a Poodle than a Cocker.

Cockapoopoo Temperament
Cockapoopoos just like Cockapoos are well known to be calm, 
loving family members that love attention from everyone. Even 
strangers so they do not make good watch dogs, even though they 
may let out an occasional bark if someone knocks on the door... 
The cockapoopoo is a very people oriented, outgoing, and happy 
dog. The cockapoopoo has a keen intelligence any adult can 
appreciate coupled with a forgiving nature that makes it 
unparalleled as a children's dog. They are as much at home in an 
apartment as they are on the biggest farm. They are extremely 
easy to train to just about any situation. They make wonderful 
therapy dogs because they are so friendly to all ages and do not 
require as much exercises as most other breeds...

Cockapoopoo Health Cockapoopoos tend to have a lot fewer genetic
problems than their parent breeds. This is due to what is called
hybrid vigor.

You need to take special care to clean your Cockapoopoos ears out 
regularly and keep the inside ear dry, because the ears are long 
and lay flat and can be prone to infections and yeast like a Cocker
Spaniel's... You should also brush your Cockapoopoos teeth once a 
week, especially in toy breeds because they are moresusceptible 
to tooth decay. 

Pictures and breed standards furnished by Jordon Family Kennels.


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